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"At MCC, Inc. we view all of our nearly 400 employees as family - with that being said our most important goal at this Company is to do everything in our power to ensure that each and every employee goes home to his or her family in the same or better condition than they left in the morning..." SAFETY of our Operations is and always will be our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY, and we ask our employees to make it theirs as well. - MCC, Inc. Management

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From state highways and municipal streets, to commercial parking lots and expansion projects, MCC’s Asphalt Division can supply your construction project with the pavement you need.

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MCC, Inc.’s Concrete Division consists of over 100 front-discharge ready mix trucks that are ready to deliver the highest quality product to your construction site.

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MCC, Inc.'s Aggregate Division specializes in all types of construction aggregates and recycled materials for any type of project. We can fulfill your project quantities from one ton to hundreds of thousands of tons. Equipped with crushers, wash plants, recycling equipment, and much more, MCC, Inc. can produce the materials that will create the base of your project needs.

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Whether reconstructing a highway or prepping a commercial location for expansion or construction, MCC, Inc. has the equipment and personnel to perform nearly any type of heavy construction.

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From bulk cement haulers and tractor-trailer dumps, to quad axle dump trucks, MCC, Inc. operates a fleet of nearly 100 delivery vehicles that service a range of different projects all over Northeast Wisconsin.

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MCC, Inc. - Complete Solutions For Your Construction Needs

MCC, Inc. offers a wide range of services ( MCC, Inc. – Scope of Services ) for all the complex needs of the construction industry.  The Company specializes in creating the solution that is needed and has the management that can create one main point of contact for any project ranging from parking lots to state highways and basements to 10-Acre commercial site upgrades.  MCC, Inc. has the ability to encapsulate a project as one contractor like not many in the industry can from start to completion. MCC, Inc. offer a wide range of services such as custom processing of aggregates or recycled materials, residential or commercial site preparation and construction, delivery of concrete or flowable fill products, trucking and delivery of construction materials, and many others. If you don’t see the solution that you need please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry; we will work to help find your construction solution.

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