Asphalt Area

From state highways and municipal streets, to commercial parking lots and expansion projects, MCC’s Asphalt Area can supply your construction project with the pavement you need. With multiple prep and paving crews, this division can handle any type of specification needed to create the pavement you need to finalize an expansion, build a subdivision, or house the day to day traffic of Eastern Wisconsin.

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*Please see the contact personnel listed below – call for products and pricing.  If you need a specialty product or are not sure we can provide the service you need, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will find your solution!

John Murphy Senior Vice President of Operations 800-236-8132 x3019
Joyce Murphy-Stearns Vice President of Operations / Corporate Secretary 800-236-8132 x3013
John Carpenter Asphalt General Manager 800-236-8132 x3012
Alicia Marx Assistant Project Manager 800-236-8132 x3037
Jennifer Tomazevic Administrative Assistant 800-236-8132 X3135
Neal Rabideau Project Estimator 800-236-8132 x3128
Jay Garvey Project Estimator 800-236-8132 x3026
Ridge Liebzeit Project Estimator 800-236-8132 x3038
Leo Billings Project Estimator 800-236-8132 x3125
Berl Bolle Project Estimator 800-236-8132 x3131
Doug                      Van Handel Project Estimator 800-236-8132 x3086
Ian Murphy Project Estimator 800-236-8132 x3025

Commercial Reconstruction & Paving

WisDOT Highway Paving

Municipal Reconstruction & Paving