Ultra-Thin Asphalt

Ultra-Thin Asphalt

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 by

This is a project that the Asphalt/Construction Team did in late August of 2020.

Just wanted to share yesterday’s project and sincerely thank everyone that played a hand into the project’s success. Working with all of you through this project made me proud to be an MCC family member. There were plenty of unknowns going into it and everyone handled the challenges at hand and stepped up to the plate. Please share with any of your co-workers we truly appreciate everybody’s hand in the job. The project not only looks very nice all parties involved are happy with the project.

Again I know you may say “it’s just another day of paving” however it was not. We ran a brand new mix design, with other products outside of the traditional sand and stone, this mix is new to Wisconsin as of this year. The plant had to do some different bin configurations so it wasn’t just an ordinary day at MCC. Congratulations in the success of a laying MCC’s first 6 LT Ultra-thin. We made 2 miles of a 25 year old road look new. Nice work everyone.

Again I can’t say it enough Thank you all for your extra efforts in making this project a success.

Erin Ferg

MCC, Inc. Technical Services

Lab Coordinator

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