Spring is on its way!!

Spring is on its way!!

Posted on Mar 11, 2020 by

Spring is on its way!!  Can I tell you how excited we all are?!  Looks like we have a back log to keep us busy and moving from the first day its nice out until hunting season for sure!  And did I tell you how the estimators and sales personnel are working crazy, to get even more work?  MCC, Inc. has so much to offer customers!  We have the aggregates, dirt/topsoil, blasting services, excavation, concrete, asphalt, trucking and so so much more!  Now, I have forewarned you on this, so are you ready to work long hours, some days from sun up to sun down?  The office has given you resources to stretching before work and after work for strains, pains and soreness.  We have completed all our renewal paperwork for insurance, benefits, etc.  We have renewed all our certifications needed to work in various areas.  Now…. are you starting to go to bed early and wake up early, refreshed so you are ready?  (Do you remember as a kid or with your own kids, before school year starts-a couple weeks ahead, you would go to bed at a scheduled time and get up early-not sleeping in so the mornings aren’t rough when school started?)  Maybe now is the time for you to start doing that as an adult, especially if you have been laid off and getting used to the sleeping in or staying up late?

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