Appleton Christmas Parade – November 26, 2019 7pm

Appleton Christmas Parade – November 26, 2019 7pm

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Can it be that time already?  Wisconsin’s weather gods seem to think that our construction season is coming to an end.  We have had the weirdest weather this year; storms, rain, rain, wind, hot (I think we had hot!), cold, rain, rain and did I already see the word SN*W in the forecast! 

 With this weather approaching Wisconsin WAY TOO FAST, we would like to let all our dear friends and families know that we will be participating in the Appleton Christmas Parade on Tuesday, November 26th starting at 7pm.  WATCH for us, we are float No.36 this year.

 We hope to see all of you at the parade and if for some reason we can’t dress like the Seven Dwarfs, we’ll understand if you watch it on TV.


                                   As always, thank you for your continued

                                   support and all the votes to make our float WIN😉


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