Weight Loss Winners are……

Weight Loss Winners are……

Posted on Mar 25, 2019 by

MCC, Inc. is losing weight and having fun doing it!  The challenge was November 5th through January 17th 2019.  Who schedules a weight loss challenge during the Holidays?  Each contestant emailed Autumn Murphy weekly with their weight loss or gain.  She had the unfortunate duty of keeping track of all of the weight fluctuations.  MCC, Inc. made the competition interesting with the prizes: every participant’s name was put in a drawing for a fit bit; the winning team participants received an MCC logoed shirt; and the Captain of winning team picked a charitable organization to donate to!  Team Brockman came in at 119.5 lbs and Team Murphy came in at 111.5 lbs.  I had heard there was a rumor of a recount?!  Team Brockman chose St Jude for the donation and Amber Crossman was                                                                      the winner of the fitbit.  Thank you to each participant of the Weight Loss                                                                          Challenge!



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