Weight loss challenge

Weight loss challenge

Posted on Nov 7, 2018 by

We, employees and owners alike, are participating in a weight loss challenge.  Two leaders created teams; John Murphy is Team John and Todd Brockman is Team Todd.  There was a lot of hype in the office about who’s team is on who’s!  Some team members are talking about team events to keep the hype going.  Some events suggested are: bowling, time throughout the day to do a couple stretches or take a walk around the property or even just a motivational talk to keep people interested and excited.  And you know there has to be incentives!!! So upper management has given the following: The overall weight loss winner (loser?) will be entitled to a shirt of their choosing with the MCC Logo.  All participants in the contest will have their name thrown in a bucket to win a fitbit, and the winning team will be able to vote on which charitable organization will receive $300 on behalf of MCC!

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